19 June 2012

Speaking in the Tongue of the Ancients

So I had a brilliant idea yesterday.

Language has become so dull recently. We use words like "awesome" and...."awesome" and........and......stuff like that. In short, so many beautiful words (like beautiful) are losing their meaning because words like "lovely" "fair" and "pulchritudinous" are apparently too obscure and outdated for use.

Then I thought, Hey, Gandalf and Shakespeare never had this problem.
So here's my brilliant idea.  I'm going to teach myself to speak Elizabethan.

Of course it will feel rather silly at first, but eventually, I'll even be THINKING in Elizabethan and DREAMING in Elizabethan. What that be cool or WHAT???

In essence, we are going to become Word Painters. Words are like a musical instrument, waiting to be mastered. With some good practice, you'll be able to speak in the tongues of men and of angels.

The GOAL of this challenge is not necessarily to expand one's vocabulary, but you use a more interesting vocabulary. Then everything I say will be an accidental joy to the listener.

Here's some of the basic words you'll need to know if you wish to join me on this adventure.  I'll post more as I come up with them.

Word key for the Elizabethan Tongue
Mom: M'Lady/Mum
Dad: M'Lord/Father
Your peers: Cousins
Anyone younger than you: Son/Daughter
Anyone older than you: O Ancient One
Anyone you don't like: A Knave*
*This is not technically a bad name. A Knave is a boy servant. But it sounds insulting.
The President: Thane of America
A handsome boy: Noble knight/Kind knight
A pretty girl: Fair damsel/Fair dame
Your spouse: My Dearest Partner of Greatness
Your enemies: Foes

YES: Aye
NO: Nay
I have to go to the bathroom: I have yet to find an adequate phrase akin to this in literature. Maybe they didn't go to the bathroom back then.
UPDATE: Apparently they did. It is, "Where is the Loo?"
Glory be to God!: Praise the Almighty!
Look!: Behold!/Harken!
Hello: Greetings 
Goodbye: Farewell
Hurry!: Hasten!
I want: My heart bids me  


  1. Greetings Cousin.

    I find myself fond of the artwork that lies atop your blog. If only her heart had bid her to climb to the peak of her tower as the artwork suggests, she may have beheld the distant castle. Alas, it was not to be.

  2. Aye sister, yet this image captures the soul which pulses through the veins of the beloved fairy tale, at that is what pleases my heart.