26 June 2012

Weekly Word Painting

Welcome to Word Painting Part II!

Today we are going to discuss Household Objects. Some of these aren't technically Elizabethan, but Word Painting is more about romanticizing the English language than recreating it.  These are important, because we use these terms regularly. If anyone does ask you while you're calling a garage a drawbridge, just say "Well, fie on you, you blooming knave!!"

Word key for Household Objects
Garage: Drawbridge
Your room: Your chambers
Living room: The courtroom
Dining room: Dining hall
Kitchen: Cookery
Toilet: Throne (kidding)
Guestroom: The roaming chambers
The deck: The Turret
Backyard: The courtyard
Your computer: Magic Mirror (that's practically all Facebook is for right? Mirror Mirror on the wall...)


  1. Might I add the yard would be The Courtyard?

  2. I did think of that..only I didn't want to use "court" twice :P But I suppose it *is* necessary. I wonder if their are any other courts...