23 June 2012

“You only have to be brave enough to see it."

I treated meeself wit a crackin' good picture yesterdae.

And yes, I wore a kilt going to it.

I won't be writing a long movie review, because good movies don't deserve long reviews, but I will say is it's a combination of this:



and THIS!!!!

So basically, it's just about the greatest thing ever invented. Strong emotional veins guided by the core of human nature intertwined with Celtic mythology, radiant visuals, and character-driven humor from beginning to end. But what less can you expect from Pixar?

AND ON THAT NOTE: Some unruly critics are inexplicably questioning the brilliance of this film. They are obviously grossly unperceptive. Just because there are witches and strong female leads does NOT make it "witchcraft" and "feminism". "Brave" is a tale of humility, passion, family, tradition, and the battle between fate and choice that governs the laws of both legend and reality.  The plot-line may be well-worn, but at least Pixar chose to make their supposedly least original film in a genre in which I will never be weary: the fairy tale.

"Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it."


  1. Hmmmmmmmmm. Do agree with this article? http://www.wnd.com/2012/06/everything-you-know-about-brave-is-wrong/

    I haven't seen Brave yet, but wasn't going to because of the trailers... so now I think I will. :D

  2. YES. That is fact.

    Except I do think the moral in the end is appropriate. I mean, come on, it's all about predestination and free will basically. I guess it's safe to say there are a LOT of morals in this movie.

    1. Predestination and free will?!?!??!?! :D Now I HAVE to see it.

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  4. You got her there, Raymond. :p I've been wanting to see it in theatres, take me with!! Also, you got me by putting LWW, Sound of Music, and Beauty and the Beast up there. My three favorite movies. ;)

  5. I know right! It has everything! And the heroine has red hair, one would go see it on that alone.

  6. Well... I may have to take you up in a debate. I saw it yesterday and was tragically disappointed. One of my biggest cons: it was incredibly uncomplicated. They spell everything out for you so there is nothing to "figure out"... and yet there are a lot of loose ends/unconnected threads.

    I will say that the animation was great, the music was very good, and the acting was wonderful. And the witch was awesome. Those are all the good points I can think of.

    ...okay I just can't leave it like that!!!! The contradicting morals, Raymond!!! Aaaagg!!! I think I need to write a review. "Good movies don't deserve long reviews." Which is precisely why I must give it a good long one. Muhahahahah!!!

    P.S. Do not worry, your reputation in discernment in movies is only very slightly diminished in my eyes.

    1. haha, just slightly diminished? I was getting worried :P I have a hunch that if I take you up in debate, I'll be floored. :-/

      I thought it left one with a question more than a moral, which indeed one must "figure out". Didn't Merida say at the end something along the lines of "Some people think fate is a course that is outside our control...but our fate lies within us."

      Merida tried to change her fate. Did she? Or were her choices a part of her fate? ARE our lives a predetermined path, or do we carve our own? The film doesn't intend to answer that question. It's a question that isn't meant to be answered.

      The clearest moral I saw was this: Merida thought that "mending the bond torn by pride" could be accomplished through something she DID, the physical action of sewing the tapestry. It was not until the last minute that she realized that the witch had not meant her actions, but a change of her heart. This is a fundamental truth in the Christian life.

      You may have a more keen eye for conflicting morals than I do, at least in this case, as there was were enough kilts, archery, horses, bagpipes, and whimsy fairy circles for me to have a willing suspension of disbelief. For the time being, don't disenchant me. :P


    Oh man.

    That's really good.