19 July 2012

My friends are cooler than yours.

I'm not bragging, I'm just saying.

[Rebecca Mott]
I turned sixteen last Saturday.  If feeling sixteen doesn't feel any different (which it doesn't) awesome people who transcend my soul do.

People often pass up birthday invitations because of sickness, schedule conflicts, or inconvenience, but few pass them up because they are too strenuous. The theme happened to be Hobbit.

Rebecca: Raymond, I think I'm too tall to be a hobbit.

Me: That's because you're an elf, stupid!

The "party" accidentally expanded to a daylong trek over Mt. Si and a 20-mile bike ride. The trail through Mirkwood was ridden with orb-shaped tangle webs that glistened in the morning mist. We imagined they were Will O' The Wisps that would lead us to our fate (sorry, Ariel).

Nathan: Don't you ever look at these rugged, breathtaking mountains with golden sun shimmering through the misty clouds and get filled with a deep inner longing for something greater?

Me: Always.

Nathan: Always?

Me: Every time I come up here.

We rode through a two-mile long abandoned train tunnel that we dubbed The Abyss of Echos. It was dank, dark, and most obviously haunted. I felt a chill pulse through my body the second I passed through the stained-glass sunlight into the gaping, black opening. It seemed to last forever.

The journey took longer than planned, partly because we kept on getting sidelined by wonder, and partly because Jared got attacked by a bear. Twice. I had to do CPR on him, but I did it on his stomach instead of his chest, so it only made him throw up and stuff. I've never had such a fun time in my life.

We took a detour on Deathwater (the river that turns objects into gold) and Spellbrook Falls (named after the sprite who lives there).

After Jared caught his second gardener snake, we plugged on to the end of the trail and hunkered down at the Motts house. Pizza, tromping through the woods with little Sarah ("close your eyes, Raymond, and follow me") and singing old hymns galore.

Sam Gangee hands me a small, wooden box.

SHIP TO: Mr. Dokupil

Sweerzy Carpentry & Carvers
9001 Raysh Town, Scotland


He's carved me something.

I open the lid and unfurl the plaid cloth.

[Jared Sweers]

Dangit Jared, you've out-arted me.

I owe my friends so much. But there's a clinch with these particular ones: There's no owing in the equation.

FRIEND: Someone who knows everything about you but likes you anyway.

There's something wild in actual friends, and it's different from that bro you watch movies with, or that cute girl you met at camp.  You don't just laugh at their jokes to be nice, you laugh at them because their funny. You don't give gifts because you owe them, you give them because you can. You speak your thoughts no matter what they are, and it's not awkward, they're just thoughts. It's rarely verbalized--you simply understand. It seems that friendship has nothing to do with time. It's being a kindred spirit...the type only brought together by divine providence.

FRIEND: Someone who knows everything about you but likes you anyway.

My friends draw me dashing dragon-slaughtering warriors and carve me medieval bards. What do YOUR friends do?

I'm going to go savor my sister's present now. BEST. MOVIE. EVER.

My friends are cooler than yours.


  1. "So what did you get for your birthday?"
    "A couple books and a sweatshirt."
    "Oh, that's cool. I received a dragon and a Scottish bard."

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Well, I have to admit you have pretty awesome friends. Er, excuse me. Stunning, generous, breath-taking, ingenious friends. But I wouldn't say they're cooler than mine. ;)

    That is a truly epic carving. And drawing. Maybe I'm just a liiiiitttle bit jealous.

    "Jared got attacked by a bear. Twice. I had to do CPR on him, but I did it on his stomach instead of his chest, so it only made him throw up and stuff." How can I trust what you say when you write things such as this, eh??

    1. Haha, I know, I just felt like bragging about my friends for a little bet. I'm sure you understand :P

      Now, that's not ENTIRELY untrue. I DID find Jared on the side of the trail making moaning sounds, and I DID pretend to perform CPR on him, and he explained to me that that would make him throw up. Don't worry, you can still trust me, as long as you don't take everything at face value...