03 August 2012

Back in the world of chat conversations

me: I've been far away from the world. What are computers again?

Emily*: What were you off doing?

me: Backpacking. in the olympics

Emily: Oh nice!

me: Yeah. I'm so tired. We went night hiking too. The SPIDERS that hang out at 10:00 are as big as....as...my NOSE or something

Emily: Oh man, I don't doubt it... =P

me: haha, it was pretty sweet. But was really stunk was when we got to the trailhead at like 8:00 in the morning, and my dad was still camping somewhere way up there, and we had to wait literally all day with nothing to do but slowly starve to death and plunge into senility.

Emily: Well... it builds character? =P haha

me: Right. We were perfectly miserable. All because we wanted to be macho and go night-hiking.

Emily: Who were you with?

me: Jared. You know what really stunk? (and this is the moral to the story)

Emily: What?

me: So, we thought we were way too cool to meet up with my dad again, But HE happened to run into hikers who had too much food, and they gave him all their hot dogs.
we didn't find that out till afterwards. And we had NO food left.

Emily: Hahaha! That's hilarious!

me: Oh, but it gets better. After telling us that, my dad added: "Oh yeah, and you know who else I met on the trail? A whole group of Christian teenage girls." And I was like "shut....up...."

Emily: Hahaha! Wow, I'm just laughing right now...like, really hard.

me: Yeah, I think God was just rubbing it in. In spite of myself, it was pretty hilarious. I will laugh at this many a time as an old man.

Emily: Haha, well, I need to go eat breakfast. Enjoy reintroducing yourself to technology! =)

*More words from this lovely lady on her blog. You may read them here: http://theramblingem.blogspot.com/

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