24 August 2012

Mis Adventure

Just an interesting young lady I came across this morning.  I'm not quite sure where she came from, but I'm dying to hear her story.


  1. Where was she? On your door step?She has a sad face, well, sort of.
    The slightly medieval dress and cloak get you thinking historical, but the hat? I wonder what's in her bag? Does she come from a different world? Oh dear I better not ask too much or I'll be off on an adventure. Really good picture, by the way, I draw, so I just how hard it can be...
    I think she has escaped something, is she on the run? Maybe she's, oh bother I wasn't supposed to get carried away, but I think she's part of something.

    1. Actually no, she interrupted my very intense study on the PSAT at the park. Upon further acquaintance she's been rather frustrating. Her face seems ageless, and she never stays around long enough for me to properly enquire her. She rarely answers questions, and when she does, I can hardly believe it. Something about being the daughter of a pirate, the Queen of Logres, and, what was it? Oh yes, some association with the goddesses. Who knows, she could be all three.

  2. This is too funny... My parents have called me MissAdventure since elementary school. XD I like this version of her better.