10 August 2012

The Character Triangle

Have you ever noticed how people react differently to society? Some are born adventurous, some achieve adventure, and some have adventure thrust upon them. Either way, adventure is going to catch up with you. The way I see it, these are the three types of people in the world.

This is not a stereotype, because it's a constantly changing label. People are often combinations of the three, or alternate over time.

You see these people all over literature and art as well as everywhere you go, and it's what I call The Character Triangle.

These are the three different ways people react to society. These names aren't the exact definition of these people (I'm not talking about real angels) but they sound cool and I want you to remember them.

Angel: The conformist. The angel doesn't put up a fight. She doesn't want to cause trouble, so she does what she's told. She gets along with people, wears the normal clothes, listens to the normal music. She really doesn't give you any reason to dislike her, but there's nothing really extraordinary about her. Sound familiar?

For angels, adventure is always thrust upon them. In the Character Triangle, Bilbo Baggins is probably somewhere right here:

 "We are plain and quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner! We don't want any adventures, thank you!"

Of course, not everyone views adventure this way. There are others who see the "nasty disturbing uncomfortable things" as a way to spice up their life. And that leads us to....

Hipster: The non-conformist. This guy breaks the rules, just because he can. He sees whatever society is doing, and does the complete opposite of that. He achieves adventure, looking for a way to stand out. Needless to say, he's still letting the the society define who he is, he just goes about it in a more passionate fashion than the angel.

Example: Nemo.

Then there are those who have a totally different mindset engrained in their heads from the beginning. They're different, weird, hard to understand, and even harder to find.

The Warrior: These are the people who live outside of society entirely.  They don't try to break the rules, but they don't naturally think on terms with them. Their actions are based off what they think is right, regardless of the cultural framework. Sometimes they follow the rules, sometimes they don't. And (usually inadvertently) they always get into trouble.

There once was a girl whose fate landed her as the wife of the king of Persia. She had never asked to be queen, she merely accepted it. But the king was a naive soul, and his deceitful courtier malevolently tricked him into slaying the Jewish race. Little did the king know they were of the same blood as the queen herself. As was the custom in that day, anyone who entered the inner court without the king's summoning would be put to death, but the queen went anyway, defying the pillars of society for the sake of her people.

That's right, her name was Queen Esther, the girl who was born adventurous.  She never caused anything, yet she was always the cause for everything. You feel me?

Let see...who are some other warrior types? Joan of Arc, Ghandi and the Indian Revolution, William Wilberforce and the slave trade, Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables, Neb from Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, Katniss in The Hunger Games.  They never tried to start a ruckus, but they always end up changing their world because of who they are. We all know them, we're all a little bit like them.

When you look at things through the character triangle, things make a lot more sense. It's a very classic character trio:

It makes great love triangles...

The three types of teenagers...

I couldn't resist.

Like I said before, no person is defined by one single architype. People are way to complicated for that. We all have the head of an angel, the heart of the hipster, and the blood of the warrior.

The question is, which extreme do you live on?

These people can become legends, they can hold our world together or tear it apart. Which one are you? Which one do you want to be? Which one is your destiny?

After all, it's ultimately not your choice. Some are born adventurous, some achieve adventure, and some have adventure thrust upon them.

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    This makes me really happy. I definitely know some of every type.
    - Warrior/Angel