28 August 2012

The Three Ultimates

What if, beyond the human spectrum, there is an infinite palette of colors invisible and impalpable to the human eye?

What if there is an inaudible pitch, a voice filled with light, that transcends organic voices?

What if there were literally MILLIONS of Genders in the universe, and Male and Female are the only two we know of?

Just a few of the thoughts I am thinking about constantly when I find myself stuck in another boring conversation about career goals and politics. There is a word for this type of ineffectual banter. My friends and I call it "The Rind" while philosophers call it "The Penultimate".

Pen, being the Greek prefix to ultimate, basically means before the ultimate. On the surface, The Rind, as we will call it, is the first Ultimate. The Rind consists of thoughts and conversations like how old you are, what is your line of work, do you side with Romney or Obama, whether to take I90 or 405 to get to the James's party. You get the idea.

Then there's the Ultimate.

The second type of Ultimate, or under The Rind, is thick with the cries of battle. The rebels are at war with the Black Archon of Tellus and his followers now pillage the face of the Earth as you read these words. They are annihilating the weak-hearted, deceiving the intelligent, and fighting those who are both strong and intelligent.

The Ultimate follows the story of how the Master, who is a Power, a Being, and a Person, created a universe from sheer will and life from the dust with absolute perfection, and how the Black Archon declared war against His innocent abbey walls. The Master retaliated by sending in troops to protect those who remained, and the Enemy has continued to make devastating counter-attacks of fear, pride, and greed. Our side had begun lose all hope until one, great (relatively recent) victory. The Master held an attack in Bethlehem that has permanently damaged the Enemy's powers, using His fiercest weapon of all.

This weapon being of Love.

That is the Ultimate, the story of Love that triumphs over all weapons. The story of retribution against evil. THIS story, the story of a God who forgives.

And it's not over yet. The war still rages on, and the Black Archon is still brewing away somewhere, his troops are still lurking in the dark corners of the Earth. He is planning another attack, and here we are, and we still haven't decided whether to take I90 or 405.  Silly mortals.

But wait! I still have not mentioned the THIRD Ulitmate.

The third Ultimate, which is mostly a theory, was an Idea that seemed to have discovered me while I was listening to a sermon that was not entirely related to it. We have a PNEULTIMATE story, which is the immediate details of everyday life. Then you have the ULTIMATE story, which is the complete account God's defeat over evil (this is why all great literature and art focuses on good vs. evil, love, and sacrifice).

But what if this Ultimate Story was just ONE Ultimate story in a whole SAGA of Ultimate Stories, universes and dimensions that operate on entirely different principles than our own, levels of rationality unreachable and unfathomable far across the fabric of time and space? Ultimate Stories that God has written (I speak with the human limitations of Time) that focus on a COMPLETELY different aspect of Himself?

Does this make sense at all? Let's scale this down. It would be like the robot in WALL-E, who was only programmed to compact trash, suddenly discovering he is capable of love. Or someone born colorblind, who has no way of grasping the concept of Green and Blue, sees a grassy field for the first time.

Light. Colors. Masculine and Feminine. Love. Good and Evil. Is this all there is, or is it just all we know of? Maybe The Rind is thicker than we thought.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

Notice it says HEAVENS. That's plural. Then the Earth, singular. In one of the heavens. Could we be part of a Transultimate Story?

And if a Transultimate Story really exists, could the Transultimate Story be a part in a series of Transultimate Stories, and layers upon layers of Ultimates that multiply through God's infinite creativity, forever? When this world ends and we meet Him in Heaven, will we have knowledge of this or be able to interact with these other Ultimates? Will we all meet together in Heaven in one perfect choreographed movement?

Man, don't you love questions we can never answer?


  1. wow, that was a little hard for me to understand. But I think I got it. I think it will be amazing [I've always thought this] when you get to heaven, there will be lots of new colors, and we could swim up waterfalls like they did in the last battle, wouldn't that be... interesting. Do you mean lots of other worlds where Jesus is portrayed in different er, shapes, Aslan?etc

    1. Yes, like how Mr. Tumnus put it: "It is like an onion, except the further you go in, each ring is larger than the last."

      And if THIS Ultimate story is primarily about Jesus coming to earth and good versus evil, in another ultimate story God could be focusing on something completely different, some other form of story, that doesn't focus on good or evil at all, and all the "literature" (so to speak) of THAT universe would reflect THAT "Ultimate Story." But of course we can't imagine what sort of stories they would be, because there's nothing to compare it to.

  2. Oh, you were right to tag this with Northernness.