04 September 2012

My Battle Cry

I am a wandering whimsical wild warrior. It can't be done? Challenge accepted.
I bear the Word in my satchel and a dirk on my girdle.
Come to me, giants of fear and failure, and I will give YOU rest.
Tell me, who do you serve? Bid him to face my master, and we shall see whose is the greater.
Yours can conquer cities? Mine has crumbled empires.
Yours has sunk ships? Mine can flood the world.

Shout louder, merry fools, perhaps your god is sleeping.
But when I call the name of mine, fire descends consuming.

I am a wandering whimsical wild warrior
waiting for the waeful wail of wicked wolves by the waxing moon
waging another war.

Tomorrow we shall slay our foes
Burn their temples, free their slaves,
Tomorrow we shall be heroes.

But not tonight. Tonight we are minstrels.
Huddled 'round the festive flames
Singing, dancing, laughing, dreaming.
Counting stars, spinning tales...

Fairies, monsters, dryads, dragons
Kingdoms, castles, poison flagons
Mermaids, elves, and witch's sleigh bells
Flutes, harps, the Queen of Hearts!
Dwarfs, dungeons, destiny
Fauns and wood-nymphs watching me.
Hunting horns and unicorns
Sail the vast and wayward sea.
Palace of the handsome prince
Courtyards where he learns to fence
Princess locked away in chamber
Gallant knight who comes to save her.
Wizards, witches, rags and riches
Mountains, blossoms, blissful fountains.

And now the embers fade to grey.
The sun has risen. At last we are weaned of the night.
We saddle our horses and say our prayers.
We ride onward to adventure. Further up and Further in.

I am a wandering whimsical wild warrior.


  1. Wonderful. We should all write one. One question: what is a dirk, pray tell?

    1. Oh yes, a dirk is sort of a Scottish knife. It's sort of a cross between a sword and a dagger.

  2. Oh wow. THAT was cool. I have no words...thanks for using yours for His glory, Raymond.

  3. Awesome!I love the first bit: Yours can conquer cities? Mine has crumbled empires.
    Yours has sunk ships? Mine can flood the world. ;D.
    Heehee, I remember after we finished the last battle.The little ones went tearing round the place, bellowing "Further up and further in!" 'til one got throughly sick of it.
    Ah a dirk, I understand is a small sword; a kin to a dagger, I may be wrong.
    This was a truly wonderful thing to read, after tearing ones heart out [intense writing]
    Very refreshing, at least after doing that.

  4. Why can you write so well?

    You spin words so beautifully it's a constant struggle for me between admiration and jealousy. Which makes it annoying. But don't stop. Like Cady said... its a blessing you use your gift for your Master.