15 September 2012

Summer [Mis]Adventures: Free Willy

I've always believed in role-play. Reading is no fun unless you read VICARIOUSLY, y'know? This is exactly why I once walked to co-op dressed as Frodo.

I think I caused like three car crashes.  The public schoolers got a HUGE kick out of it.

So last June, I got to stay at a hotel in Colorado. It was one those really fancy hotels, because we had hot bagels and yogurt every day.

They also had a swimming pool. 

So there I was in the hot tub eating my bagels and yogurt when I had the brilliant idea to pretend I was a graceful Orca Whale. This was my plan of action:

I'm not quite sure how this worked out in my mind.

For one beautiful nanosecond, I was like this:

Then I was like:

Unfortunately I had misjudged how deep four feet actually was.

When I came up, I gushing with blood.

MOM: Raymond, what happened to you!??!

ME: Well, I...I...I was pretending to be a whale.

MOM: ...

Worst of all, I had come to Colorado for a SPEECH AND DEBATE TOURNAMENT. That's where you have to dress up in a suit and tie and look perfect. But after my first attempt with makeup, I had given up altogether.

What a stupid invention.

But what can I say? Who doesn't want to be an Orca Whale?


  1. Is it okay if I laugh at you?;P Hope you did well at that competition. What competition was it?

  2. AH HA!!! I thought so. I judged you that round. You were fantastic.:) God has truly blessed you with skills in both writing and speaking.

    1. :O Really? Woooah! Wow, it's so weird to meet people over cyberspace. And thank you. It was my divine pleasure.

  3. My favorite post of yours EVER. :D

  4. I sympathize with your injury but I think the experience of telling this fantastic story was worth it. So I'm not sorry after all.

    1. Rule of Living: Bad decisions make good stories.

  5. Hmm love that: Bad decisions make good stories. Very humorous. oh dear, teehee, that makes me seem twice my age, and three times as boring. oh and I do love the above line [ only if I'm telling someone else's story :P]The point is I have read this about three times and love it, it get's funnier every time just sorry that it was at your expense. I hope you don't mind my reaalllly long comments