21 November 2012

Eldila: The sinless organisms of everlasting light

I think I got a B in physical science. I know, it was pretty heathen for a homeschooler. This was not because  I disliked science, or the teacher was bad (she was superb) and it was DEFINITELY not because I quoted poetry in my lab reports. I learned a lot that year--it just so happened that the things I learned weren't on the tests. Among these were angels and demons.

Not angels--eldila. The reason I call them eldila (you should read the Space Trilogy) is because I'm not talking about nativity scene dolls made from pipe-cleaners nor sexy devils with pitchforks in Halloween costume stores. This is what our culture has turned the Eldila into, and I'm sure the Dark Eldila are quite satisfied with their work. Better to put them next to fairies and Santa Claus then to know them for what they truly are--the elder gods, immortal beings, bigger than the world, and very real. More real than we are.

But back to physical science. First off, I'd like to remind you I got a B in science. I am not a genius. I'm just telling you what I learned.

Remember how I said that we're virtual?  I wasn't making an analogy, I meant that literally.  Here is the Bohr Model of a helium atom:

So the bubbly things in the middle with positive charges are the protons and the neutrons, which make up the nucleus of the atom, and the yellow bubbles are the electrons that orbit the nucleus. Never mind that, it's not important. But here's a thing: The Bohr model isn't accurate. The electrons are much smaller compared to the nucleus. Also, if orbit of the electrons were the size of a major-league baseball stadium, the nucleus in the middle would be the size of a marble.

Which means....matter is 99.99999% empty space.

Here's another story: According the gospel of John, after the resurrection, all of the disciples were gathered in one one room, and they had locked the doors because they were afraid of the Jews (John 20:19). Then all of the sudden, there He was. 

Jesus had walked through the door.

Of course, they thought Jesus was some spirit or ghost.  It makes me smile, because this was the most ironic mistake in all of history. Jesus wasn't a phantom walking through a solid door. He was an actual person walking through a phantom door.

So if the Eldila are so solid, why can't we see them? Why aren't they the most obvious thing in the world? Well, already know that humans can hear a limited range of sound frequencies. Animals like whales, dogs, and bats can hear sound waves with pitches either too low or too high for our ears to pick up. The same goes for colors.  Water evaporates into gas, which is matter that has "spaced out" to the point were we can't see it at all. Logically, we can conclude that there is also matter so "packed" that we can't see it either! :O :O WOOOOAAAAHHHH! MIND BLOWWWNNN!!!

At least, such is the case for angels. Next post I'm going to talk about demons. Coming soon on Part 4: Viruses are from Satan. DUUHHH DUH DUH DE DE DUU BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM DUH [Wayward Fancies theme song]

-The Minstrel Boy

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