15 November 2012

Time can be re-written

By the way, this whole Time thing is all coming from Doctor Who, which in case you haven't noticed by now, really tickles my fancy, only because it's got everything I've ever wanted in a story. It cracks you up, then sends your mind reeling, then scares you to death, then breaks your heart.  There are few works of art that are so true to the Ultimate Story yet so free from allegory, and Doctor Who is one of them.  If I were to tell this whole complicated tale in one breath, I would end up using two. So here's my best shot:

It's about a Time-Lord who's call the Doctor and comes from Somewhere Else and flies through the cosmos in a police box that's bigger on the inside than on the outside, and he can go ANYWHERE in time and space, regularly saving the universe on weekends. And it's all about this girl name Amelia Pond who's cute when she's little but even CUTER when she grows up who runs away with him and has adventures every kind possible. You see the header on my blog? That's the Doctor.

And just if that isn't enough, allow me to grace you with THIS little video because you can't really say it any other way.

I like this. It gives me that "take my hand, darling, because it will change your life" sort of feeling. And that's the best feeling.

(Oh yeah, and this part has spoilers, so maybe you shouldn't even read it at all):

Once upon a time there was a crack in a little girl's bedroom (her name is Amy) wall that turned out to be a crack in time and time-energy is pouring out of the edge of space like the waterfall at the Eastern End of the World in "Voyage of the Dawn Treader." Little bits of this girl's life is falling through and getting erased from history. When Amy was seven she had an imaginary friend who traveled in a magic box and called himself the Doctor. The doctor shot off and promised to come back in five minutes--but he didn't.

FLASH-FORWARD: The sun is going out, and the Doctor's looking at Amy with his nine-hundred-and-seven-year-old eyes.

"Amy." he says. "Will you trust me for twenty minutes?" Twenty minutes? This is the man who said he'd be back in five minutes and showed up twelve years later. Amy, you know that saying yes to that question will change your life. How long can twenty minutes be?

The night before her wedding, Amy (her real name is Amelia Pond) ran away with Doctor in his blue box called the Tardis. He told her he'd bring her back just five minutes after she left.

And you're all like, "Yeeeaaaah riiiight."

BUT HERE'S THE BIG IMPORTANT PART. After they're done having ALL their adventures, a very tired Doctor goes back in time to when Amelia was seven. So basically, everything they did together....never happened.

Time can be re-written.  We don't know it, but it's happening all the time. Every time you make a choice, every time you make a difference, you are re-writing time. You're altering what happened in the future. Because readers, we're not real! We're only characters in a story! Anyone who's written a story knows you're always moving things about, editing, tweaking, deleting this, all so it will all tie up together in an inevitable happy ending. When Adam and Eve sinned, God came down and wiped an entire future of sinless humanity off of history.  But since that bit of the story changed, God made ANOTHER revision, He altered the Story, and changed everything that ever happened and ever will forever.  Your eternal punishment....it never existed.  Remember reader, "we are never told what would have happened."

Trust me. I'm the Doctor.

To Be Continued on Part 3: We're All Just Stories in the End.
-The Minstrel Boy

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