17 January 2013

An Ode to StoryMonster

Oooh goody, that was fun, wasn't it? I promise y'all many more Miss Adventures this coming year. BUT IN THE MEANTIME, you guys need to check out Miss Heather Dixon's blog StoryMonster.

'Cause yeah. It's kind of awesome.

My sister stumbled across it one day and immediately sent it to me. I got kinda excited. You really should look at some of it, because not only is her artwork fabulous, it's where I got the idea to write my summer misadventures.

I also discovered THIS.

The Invention of Love

It's the most tragical thing you'll see all week. SAD IS HAPPY FOR DEEP PEOPLE OKAY

In other news, I've been working on a song which I'll be posting sometime soon and I'm super excited about it. Stay awesome friendos.

(I really really like this picture)


  1. By the way, that short is definitely worth your time. It's about how technology makes an imitation of real life that chokes true feelings. I like stories where the innocent maiden dies in the end, not because I'm a sexist, but because I really really don't want her to die and it makes it even more powerful. It's a weird quirk of mine :)

  2. Wow... That was really good.

    (By the way, I totally agree with your comment, Raymond).