27 January 2013

If Life is Enjoyed

Did you ever wonder why the weasel goes pop?
Or why rock-a-bye baby rocks in a tree top?
When poor Humpty Dumpty had his calamity
How ever did the horses know his anatomy?
If you ever find a way to catch a tiger’s toe
Or find a magic spell that makes your ears grow
Don’t bother telling me, for my heart now consents
If life is enjoyed, does it have to make sense?

Time seems to wrinkle, and stars seem to twinkle
Nickels are larger than dimes, and songs don't always rhyme
Without a map, without a plan, on this voyage we'll embark
Maybe we are only playing riddles in the dark
And maybe, just maybe, God may have made this land
For humans to enjoy, and not to understand
I've never seen you whence, likely not ever hence
Remember that a beautiful world will not ever make sense.


  1. "those squiggly things you see when you rub your eyes"


    Poem is legitimately perfect.

  2. I was just writing a children's story scene with the EXACT same theme...
    This is why I follow your blog!!!

  3. In reference to my last comment, I just mentioned this post in one of my posts. Thought I should let you know. =)

    1. Awesomesauce. I'd love to read your story :D

    2. Hehe, when I finish it (which, in theory, should actually happen at some point), I'll post it! For now, here's the scene. Feel free to read, or not read, or whatever you feel like when you're not busy writing something brilliant.


    3. Wooowwssers!!! Well, I wasn't planning on writing anything brilliant today, but after reading that, I think I will.