23 March 2013

If the river was a song

Do you know the difference between a skilled musician and a good one? They sound similar. But they're polar opposites.
A skilled musician plays the pieces no one else can. He hits the notes no one else can hit. People say to each other "He's the best one in the field" and "I'll never be as good as her!"
They play the tunes that no one has ever heard before, and quite frankly, no one ever remembers.

The good musician is different. The good musician doesn't seek the independent, impossible, superhuman note, she's looking for a chord. The common, unimpressive, human chord. There's a fine line between the superhuman note and the human chord. The good musician is reaching out, feeling, searching for that simple melody that we all secretly sing in our hearts. That melody we're all straining to hear, and when we do, the competitive tension dissipates and we exclaim "Ah! That was what I was looking for!" We don't say "I'll never be as good as him" we say "One day I'm gonna play like that. Grab the guitars! Beat the drums! Sing loud and hard and out of tune!"

Because right now, at this moment, we can hear it. Can you? The distant, celestial throb. Let's join the heavenly chorus, even if you don't know the words.

A skilled musician blows you away.
A good musician draws you in.
A skilled musician is exceptional.
A good musician is inspirational.
A skilled musician is someone you envy.
A good musician is someone you love.

And love doesn't envy, fellas.

I can't explain it. But if the river was a song, it would like this.

Been back from a jam session with my jongleur troupe. I still have bagpipes ringing in my ears.
-The Minstrel Boy

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