27 March 2013

It's spring break and do you know what a selkie is?

I'm looking at a sunset that looks like a dying star setting on Charn. It's got dark blue rainclouds spread over it and golden frills that outline the top. The glowing parts are sporadic and splotchy. They look like a mistake. Like one of those mistakes that the artist just left there for fun. Now it's gone behind the horizon, and it's still bright enough that I can see the silhouette of a single tree even though  it's 1600 miles away. It's true. I googled it.

Now that it's gone, let's talk business. Do you know what a selkie is? Apparently they arose from Scottish and Irish folklore and they've been around forever.  They're like Mermaids, except you wouldn't be able to tell what they were unless you happen to catch a human climbing into a vacant seal-skin at midnight and swimming away.  That's what they do, they're sea-lords who live in seal skins. They can only stay on land for seven days though, or they die. You can imagine the cross-species relationship problems this causes. I didn't know what they were until the Invisible Mime made a post about this AWESOME artist whose like a celtic bard. And she sings the tale of the Maiden and the Selkie. It goes like this.

Dai dai dai dai dai dai dai!

I can't stop listening to this. I seriously. Can't. Stop. Isn't it an amazing story!!!!

Now the sunset looks so dull and pink it looks like ashes. Seriously, it looks like ashes. The clouds are salmon pink and dusty.

I know this is complete nonsense, but it's spring break.
-The Minstrel Boy

P.S. Speaking of the Olympics, my dad found this trail around the edge Mr. Rainier called the Wonderland Trail. It's 90 miles and takes about 15 days to hike. We're going this summer. Who wants to come with us?


  1. Last night, I was sitting on a very dirty concrete step a few miles West of you in the valley watching the same sunset. It was blasting between two buildings. And I was thinking of Charn too.

    You saw the sun ending a world of trees, and I saw the ending of a world of concrete. Both dying under the same sun.

    1. Haha, I'll leave it to your brain to extrapolate the symbolic significance of that. I'm sure it's there. :P

  2. One of my favorite movies as a young child was "The Secret of Roan Inish." It's all about selkies.

    Sunsets are amazing; wish I saw yours!

    And I totally want to go hiking. Thankfully for you, though, I'm a couple states away. =)

    1. I should look up that movie!!

      That's too bad. You'll just have to hike a couple extra hundred miles. See you at the trail head!

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