21 May 2013

Dead flies and the gap between time

I was trimming the trees by the driveway when suddenly I could hear the creation of the earth. Wind is like rain, it doesn't actually make a sound until it hits something.  And then there it was, sounding away like the footfalls of angels.  I had to stop what I was doing and listen.

Those moments hit me every once in a while--and I call it eternity. The thing about moments of eternity is that, when it's over, it only lasted for a very short time. But when it's happening, it's always happening, always has been. Nothing else ever happened. It's a gap in between time in which absolutely nothing happens, thus leaving room for all of history to pour in like a billion billion pieces of sound.

Some people think flies are ugly and they carry germs. But you have to really look at one. They are the most unpredictable creatures that crawl on the earth. You never see them breath, and as far as you're concerned they're dead. There's no sign of life in them. Then all the sudden they make a quantum twitch, and you realize that they actually moved. Then without any wind up or warning or reason, they fly. Nobody knows when they'll go or land or get tired. And then they're dead as a door-nail all over again.

But what good is it to describe it? You have to see it. But most people would just get the swatter. You have to use words and words grate me. I hate using words. I wish I could stay for all eternity in the gap between time where everything is as unpretentious and unpredictable as flies.

Reality is weird. And at some point you have to stop trying to write about it and walk outside.

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