13 May 2013

The Bright and Hopeful Unknown

Some of you may know about Joshua Eddy. He died last year at 18, by slipping into a river. I never knew him, but Josh had a vicarious way of affecting people he didn't know. And the title of his blog, "The Bright and Hopeful Unknown" kinda stuck in my mind.

I can’t break the
Habit of thinking
Only of the wonderful
Only of the beautiful
I can’t help
Answering the distant call
Louder everywhere I go
Softer than the falling snow

I can’t explain why
Half-notes feel like half-smiles
Welcome to the
Bright and Hopeful Unknown
Can’t explain why
Brothers still die for each other
Can’t explain why
Grass still bothers to
Bothers to

Ever wondered the point
At which circles begin
Welcome to the
Bright and Hopeful Unseen
Ever wondered what
Sets the heart a-leapin’
Ever wondered how
Pine trees stay ever so
Ever so

Do you know the words
To that bird’s song?
Welcome to the
Bright and Hopeful Untold
Do you know why
Children can laugh in the darkness
Do you know the
Thrill of having a
Small hand to

I can’t explain why goodness still lives
Welcome to the
Bright and Hopeful unknown
Can’t explain why people forgive
Lift your eyes and enter this
Almost impossible



  1. Wonderful. I loved this and your other song. (Though as a very musical person I took your advice to just read the lyrics. ;)) You really have a gift for words, as I'm sure many have told you.

    ....How about you write amazing song lyrics and then sometimes I get to put them to music? :D
    Actually on second thought (er, second listen) you aren't a bad composer either. I like your tunes in fact - I just don't know that they really fit the words.... hmm.... just my opinion. Pay no attention to me.

    1. Haha well I'm kinda attached to the music on this one :P But I still wanna hear your epic Irish version of A Celtic Knot Away... :D :D

      Come to think of it, I wrote another song a long time ago about God duking it out with Satan over the whole of creation. None of the music I wrote quite had the umph. I'll send the lyrics to you. Eee hee hee. I think you'll like it.

  2. Would you possibly maybe be so kind as to put up the chords for this song? I would like to try and play it, too.

    1. Sure. I have to look into it a little more though, because I actually don't know all the chords I'm playing :P

    2. So I wrote the song in DADGAD tuning, so if you know that, it's pretty simple:
      D no 3rd, Dsus, D, Dsus, D no 3rd
      D no 3rd, G, Dsus, D no 3rd x2
      D no 3rd, Dsus, G, Dsus, D no 3rd x2

      But you can also play it in open chords, which goes like this:
      A, B, C#m, B, A
      A, D2, B, A x2

      A, B, D2, B, A x2

      Let me know if that works :)