02 June 2013

Dorothy and Toto taking a nap by Mr. Zuckerman's barn

I drew this in the car. Wilbur and Charlotte are in the doorway.

Jared, who despises Dorothy for some reason, drew this in response:

William Wallace, Maximus, and the guy from 300.

yeah. I dunno. It's a pretty tough match.


You decide.


  1. Jared's drawing is clearly artistically superior. So at the risk of inducing mental images of medieval warriors chopping an innocent girl to pieces, I'm going to have to go with William Wallace and Maximus (forget Leonidas, Toto could take him any day).

    1. LOL. We should invent a new rock-paper-scissors based off of this.

  2. Gee, that is a tough one, neither Wallace, Maximus, or Leonidas Survived a tornado, or had to deal with flying monkeys. *shudder*
    Of course the Trio duo have a physical advantage, but Dorothy has a ferocious lion, a Iron golem, and...a..tap-dancing scarecrow. All of this is to say, I have no idea, could go ether way, 50-50, flip 'o' the coin.

    Nice drawing btw

    1. Heed the words of the mime. He has laid out the stakes.

      And thanks :P

  3. Replies
    1. In defense of my friends honor, Jared is a very mature 17 year old who can do practically anything but draw. But I understand the misconception :P