08 June 2013

Things that tickle my fancy

 So if I had my own version of "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music, this would be a few of the things in the verses...

Spaceship on an eyeball

Doctor Who meets The Little Prince

Clara Oswin Oswald

She's the new Doctor's companion. That's not actually much what she looks like. It was drawn from memory. This is what she looks like.

That's the Victorian version of her. See, she first showed up with her mind and body subconsciously trapped inside a alien asylum, in which she hacks into a dalek's brain and makes souffles. 

 This is Version 1 of Clara inside a Dalek brain making souffles.

Then she blows the whole thing up and dies.  

Then sometime later in 1820, lo and behold! There's Clara.


And she's like, Marry Poppins or something.

And then she falls off a cloud. And dies.

Fast forward to present day, and who do you expect but....

 WHAT THE.......

She doesn't even remember the Doctor or anything. This woman is tricked out.  And I will not sleep until I find out what's going on. Steven Moffat is my hero.

Things that don't make sense tickle my fancy.
-The Minstrel Boy

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