04 July 2013

If you were me

Life seems to be just as it ought
That you are you, and I am not
Our paths are laid, for good or ill
Conveniently within God's will

Say, perhaps, it was our lot
That I was you, and you were not
Say, one day, we woke up in
The body of the others' skin?

Not to mention different faces
We'd have tans in different places
I'd even have to shave your beard
And brush your teeth, oh gosh that's weird.

Maybe, first, I'd call up you
And say "What's up?" the way you do
You'd say, "It's 5:00! I'm not awake
Enough to go fishing in the lake!"

And I'd be like "Chill out, dude,
Do I always wake up in this mood?"
Says you "I sure would" (the proverbial me)
"If I always drank this disgusting tea."

"Wow, I can do WAY more reps!"
"How do you LIVE with these biceps?"
"I didn't know you owned a car!"
"I didn't know you played guitar!"
"Wait a minute, who is this girl?"
"Are you poking in my journal?"

I'd have fun, and you would too
If you were me, and I was you
But eventually, we'd drop the act
And we'd both scream "I want me back!
I don't like me from this end
I'd much prefer to be your friend!"

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