16 July 2013

Hey guys, remember Julian Smith?  He made funny videos where he died in nearly every single one. And I died too. Then he stopped making them for like two years and I figured the glory days had ended.

BUT HE'S BACK AND APPARENTLY HE'S STILL A GENIUS.  It's totally different from anything he's ever made and it surpasses all.  And the world must see it. I haven't been so blown away since I don't know how long.

 If you're me, you've already watched this ten more times.
-The Minstrel Boy


  1. I don't even know why...... WHY is that so good? Why does it hit my emotions? Why does the light at the end make me want to cry????

    I don't get it!! It is so ... wow. But I have no idea why.

    1. You do get it, your really do. That's the best part about it.