12 December 2013

A Non-Subjective Song about Humans and Other News


First try at sound mixing. Don't throw up. (And thanks to John-Luke for telling me that the ocarina was out of tune).

Inspiration goes to  Hard Times by Charles Dickens and my frustration with Bellevue College.

"Louisa was impelled to throw herself upon his breast, and give him the pent-up confidences of her heart. But, see to it, Thomas Gradgrind must have overleaped at a bound the artificial barriers he had for many years been erecting, between himself and all those subtle essences of humanity which will elude the utmost cunning of algebra until the last trumpet ever to be sounded shall blow even algebra to wreck."

 Also, a drawing about the human condition:

Are you scared? You should be. This is a scary drawing. It's probably the scariest thing you'll ever see on this blog. 

 And need I inform you that HANNAH IS COMING HOME IN FOUR DAYS.  Anyone who wants to come over and party is welcome.  Right now I'm trying to find a seamstress to make a Hannah-sized dress that looks like this:

Which is a marionette puppet I bought from the Czech Republic (only 40 bucks!! wowzers!!) along with THIS little rascal:

I call him a rascal because he took a week to get him untangled. In case you've been wondering, I'm working on a music video, which will hopefully be coming out this Christmas, including but not limited to marionette puppets and Hannah-sized dresses.

 Sometime I'll post videos of the speeches I've been competing with this year. They're loads of fun. Anyway, I'm off! Have a great Christmas y'all! Swing by here sometime, will ya? 

-The Minstrel Boy

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