09 February 2014

Two Fools

There once were two stories that didn’t end well
For both people in them both landed in Hell.
“There is nothing to fear,” the first one declared
“There is nothing but fear,” the other despaired.

The first couldn't hear the howls and the screams
Too ashamed to remember the things in his dreams
He wished to erase it like he never knew
The ugly and scary was possibly true.

The other one said it was more than just likely
That demons are real, but God only might be.
The names of the sinners is too long a list
The saints are simply too good to exist.

And when death met the man who was pumped full of air
He went straight to the place he was sure wasn't there.
And the skeptic who thought there was no other route?
He went there too.

So he never found out.

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