22 March 2014

The Face of Serenity

Hush now! A child is sleeping!
The shape of the mountains tell her story
The plashing river sings her song
I implore you, my friend: Do not wake her.

Do you see the smile on her face?
She is dreaming of things that man is not permitted to see
Till the end of time.
For the Lord of Heaven and Earth has hidden these things
From the wise and intelligent
And revealed them to little children.

Know it well.
That is the Face of Serenity
Worn only by the angels and the child you see before you
Who know the Secret.
Few men have seen it.
Fewer remember.

Remember the Face of Serenity, my friend
It is a calm in which no storm ever proceeded
A vestige from the regions where there is only life and therefore
All that is not music
Is silence.

Is this a poem? I haven't decided yet. For copyright's sake, that last line ("all that is not music is silence") is owed to the great Scottish writer George McDonald. I clearly could not have come up with something that brilliant. Also, the "hidden things" were the words of Jesus from Matthew 11:25.

A little background: I wrote this little diddle/poem/thingy to precede a book I've been writing. You can see an early draft of it here.  None of the names are the same (Christopher Robin, Rockie, Isabelle, etc.) but it's the same premise. I've been looking for an illustrator, so if happen to have explosive artistic skills or knows someone who does, please let me know in the comments!

-The Minstrel Boy

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