05 August 2014

Straight on till Morning

Got two tickets to the nearest star
Think fast, ‘cause you've got
One last chance to be who you are
In 3, 2, 1, I’m going

Straight on till morning
So who’s coming with me?
Straight on till morning
Do you dare to be a story?

If you shrink on the brink
I’ll do it on my own
But God, I never wanna face this alone
Straight on till morning
Do you dare to join my story?

Do you dare?
Do you dare to join my story?
I’ll be there
Straight on till morning

When we were younger
We made promises we couldn't keep
We were so sure we weren't
Like the rest of them

We found ourselves stranded
On the shores of defeat
And we couldn't remember
How our souls had grown so numb
But I've

Swing back your momentum
‘Cause I’m gonna make you fly again
Just breathe in deep and take a leap
Darling, this is where your life begins

Don’t think about how high it is
Or you’re never gonna try
For you never can begin to live
Until you dare to die

Will you follow me where it’s not safe?
There’s no telling where the skies will take us
Hesitate, and it’s too late
Don’t let your spirit gather dust


I swear that your secrets
Will not frighten me away
For heaven’s sakes, I’ve made mistakes
That time will never mend

They say that your youth
Is a thing of yesterday
But my Savior has told me
That I can be born again

Point your feet to the North
And I’ll show you the world
To feel alive you need to dive
Into the tears that you have cried

The dangers are real
When you heart is unfurled
But to fight the wind, I need a friend
Who never leaves my side

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