04 August 2014

The Perfect Question [Reposted]

When Wendy curled up in her bed
And Mother tucked her in it
She kissed the top of her forehead
And then the room was quiet.

The child sighed in sweet delight
She would not sleep just then
She knew this was the kind of night
Where anything could happen.

And so it did, to her surprise
For in flew through her window
A fair-eyed boy, about her size
Who chased after his shadow.

After he was tired through
He flopped down on the rug
And Wendy saw him talking to
What looked like his pet bug.

The boy threw up his hands and cried
"Where has my shadow been?"
The tears he cried (which he denied)
He cried until she stopped him.

But when she spoke, the words she said
Were not "How are you flying?"
The question that she asked instead
Was "boy, why are you crying?"

How dumb is that? I mean, come on
That wouldn't be my question
I'd ask that little moron
Why he's trying to break in!

The guy just lost his shadow
He's got a glowing human gnat
One thing I'd sure like to know
Is how the heck he did that.

But stop and take a second look
You've forgotten the essentials
Before you got a Facebook
You didn't need credentials.

My eyes have seen much stranger things
In life than inside books
More afraid of what the post-man brings
Than a bout with Captain Hook.

But imagine that you were a girl
With no offenders to accuse
And all that mattered in the world
Was a boy who needed tissues.

For Peter Pan had done far more
Than sink whole pirate ships
But not till after he had bore
A kiss from Wendy's lips.

For all girls know, deep down inside
That boys were made to fly
But they don't know that all boys hide
The fact that they can cry.

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