28 October 2014

Tinker Bell doodles

Mostly drew these to get practice on hair...and elf ears.

09 October 2014

Damsel in distress

One day a girl came in my thoughts
And tied my brain all up in knots
She barged inside and made a face
And said "We ought to tidy up this place!"

"I think I'll add a flower vase
With frills and lace, and just in case
It gets too cold, I'll switch this old
Cold shoulder for a warm embrace."

"Now doesn't that look better, dear?"
"Look better, pooh! Get out of of here!
You're not supposed to look at that!"
But did she listen? The little brat!

She wonders on. "Oh, what a mess!"
Exclaims the damsel in distress
"How can you do your thinking here?
You haven't dusted this in years!"

"I swear this place looks like a tomb
Speaking of which, what's in the room
Called 'I was young and stupid then'?"
And--the nerve!--she walks right in!

She clears the space of every shelf
Of all the thoughts about myself
And puts up books and quotes instead
And hangs up pictures in my head

And as I lay me down to sleep
I hear her broom go sweep sweep sweep
I hope she doesn't go too deep
She cannot see the things I keep...

I cry out "Wait!" but it's too late
She's found the room named "things I hate"
But nothing shows that she is fazed
She doesn't even look amazed

And when the cleaning is complete
I feel she's left me something sweet
A little thought tied in a bow
She likes to have these things just so

I know it's hers by the design
It's much to pretty to be mine
She must have dropped this one, clearly
She can't have left it there for me...

Did she?

08 October 2014

The Great Glass Star

“Observe my city,” said the Shoe-Shiner, gesturing with his needle-like cane. “Look at the crystal-crossroads and the twinkling star-scrapers. It is so sharp and bright that her light can be seen from millions of miles away. A world without pain, sickness, and death, purified of all the stains of humanity. You will see greater things than this when my work here is done. I am a man of polish. And you see now why I am called by the Shoe-Shiner.”

06 October 2014

Space mermaid (pencil/digital)

Some work I've been doing for my book. Mind the hair--I spent ages on that.

-The Minstrel Boy

03 October 2014

Little Forest Boy

It's finally finished, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Wildchild's first hit single (or perhaps the only single currently in existence) Little Forest Boy! Featuring Keely Rendle on violin, Jared Sweers on banjo and harmonica, Nathan Quick on the keyboard, and yours truly on guitar. Hope you enjoy!

Special thanks to Thomas Mullins for recording the song for us!

-The Minstrel Boy