03 December 2014

Belle's present

The Beast was feeling restless
In his chamber all alone
"A pity Belle must spend Christmas
So far away from home!"

He stole a glance back at the clock
She was never late for dinner
And then he realized with a shock
He had no gift to give her!

He stamped and tore his mane of hair
"You stupid, heartless beast!
With gold to spare, and gowns to wear
You treat her with a feast?"

Before his frenzy quelled
He heard a quiet knock
And in came quiet Belle
In a quiet crimson frock

Her lashes were as black as ink
And strung with flakes of snow
Her opal cheeks were rosy pink
Her auburn hair aglow

Poor Beast began whimpering
"I have no Christmas present!
I would give almost anything
To such a humble peasant!"

Beauty blinked her dark brown eyes
And said nothing for a while
When Beast had ceased his feeble cries
She cast a subtle smile

"Forget the pomp and gifts, at least
You dressed a festive hue
There's no need to worry, Beast
For I brought one for you."

She pulled out from inside her coat
The present she had hidden
She even wrote a little note
Tied with a little ribbon

"Oh Belle, how can you act so kindly
When I'm not worth a damn
You're beauty just reminds me
What a wretched beast I am!"

But Belle did not relent
She spoke without a doubt
"You've been my friend, and in the end
That's all I care about."

She glanced at him and gasped, because
His face looked like a man's!
And in the place of beastly claws
She saw two human hands!

The vision was a fleeting scene
She shook her head, and then
The skin and fingers she had seen
Was hair and claws again

I don't think she ever knew
Quite what happened there
But I know a thing or two
When there's magic in the air

There is a simple little verse
A high and ancient art
Although it cannot melt a curse
It might just melt a heart

So sweetly did she say them
And looked at him just right
That the spell was almost broken
On that silent, holy night.

I think I will repeat it now
So you can be like Belle
Both Earth and Fairyland allow
This lovely, magic spell...

Merry Christmas.

-The Minstrel Boy

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