17 February 2015


Brought to you by a sunny day in February and some derpy video editing :)

And I’ll remember your name
And I’ll remember your name
I try to make it last
But times runs to fast
Before my song is through
And I will be your soldier
So cry on my shoulder
And I will cry with you
Yes, I will cry with you.
I know it’s buried deep beneath your eyes somewhere
I cannot breathe in deep enough to taste the mountain air
Don’t torture me
With the things I long to see
I only have the universe
To keep me company
Our home is far behind us when the sun has set
That smile that you’re wearing is not the same as when we met
There’s nothing more to say
When the voices die away
We’ll crouch in empty alleyways

Until the break of day
I know that soon you’re heading down a different route
I’m wasting precious seconds and my time is running out
I lie in my bed
Like a spider in her web
Waiting for an answer
To fly into my head

Love freely and laugh shamelessly,
-The Minstrely Boy

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