09 June 2015

Where the Stories Never Dare to Venture

I will love you
Till my heart stops beating
And I drift into the land
Where the stories never dare
To venture.
When I step into the virgin morning
And the Dance is about to begin again
I will not forget you
Even then.

Even while I'm waiting in the cold
I will not be lonely
Because I know the sun will rise
On both of our faces.
If death do us part
Death is the only thing
That will keep us together.

No longer hampered by the feeling
Of being alone in a crowd
Because the smell of open air
Tells me
That happy endings are real
And the last time I doubted
Feels so long ago.

The mountains look less menacing now
Even though yesterday's mist
Still clings to them.
No need to hide your face
I will see you on the other side
Where the stories never dare
To venture.

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