24 August 2015

Song of Strange and Lovely Desires

Asphalt turns to iron dust
The road has marked my days
So write me down some wanderlust
And tame my wild ways

Blue eyes to still my heart
Red lips to keep it beating
Hands that lace and fall apart
And haunt you while you're sleeping

Stripped, exposed to cold misfortune
Stabbed by sharp and breathless pleasures
Whisked into the breakneck torrent
The dizzy thrill of loosened tethers

I fear the dark, I fear the light
The Cherubim with sleepless eye
Who burns and burns without concern
For love or drink or human plight

The fairies are no friend to man
Their scorn is felt upon your breath
But I will follow, if I can
If pardon leads me to my death

So tear me to the bone
My solace and my terror
Sing my soul the song she knows
Release her from the wearer

Human flesh will waste away
And rejoin with earth and sky
A gust of foreign melancholy
Claims my soul tonight

But the sweet wonder of the living
The touch of warm delight
Let the fairies have their way
Just keep me out of sight

A prayer is forming in my mind
Descend and strike me dead!
But her cheek is warm and touching mine
And the prayer is left unsaid

The road is marked, the road is marked
No rest until we're done
So bear your curse, it could be worse
The journey's just begun.


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