28 August 2016


I don't know when it happened
But it happened
Long ago
I can't recall the moment
But I swear I used to know

I don't know how it happened
But it won't happen
I know that you were there
But I didn't know it then

I don't know if it happened
But if it did, then
It was quick
And you disappeared along with it
Just like a magic trick

I don't know why it happened
But I wish it happened
But I'd probably forget it
Just like I did before

And if it ever happens
To happen across you
Please tell me just what happened
Because it happened to me too.

12 August 2016


I will love love love
Until I descend into dreaming
The heart is a voluntary muscle
And as long as I say the word
It will keep on beating
Love love love
Don't stop, or the body will grow cold
Love love love
And we never will grow old