02 October 2016

Take me home // I want to go // Down the road that will take me // To the living oak

My friends are probably wishing I would shut up about this band, but what I want to know is why everyone else isn't freaking out about it. I just turned up with a free Sunday afternoon (a rare specimen in college) so I would be committing a heresy not to geek out about it.

This is a band formed in 2011 by a brother and sister named Tyler and Maggie Heath. I am not just a fan because they write songs inspired by C.S. Lewis novels (oh yeah, they do that too) but because they write freaking amazing songs, period.

Here are a few of my favorites (who am I kidding, they're all my favorite). Just a little sampling from all three of their albums (The Oh Hello's, Through the Deep, Dark Valley, and Dear Wormwood)

Fire and brimstone fell upon my ears
As their throats of open graves recited fear
Like the bullets of a gun they drove my tears
And my feet to run the hell out of here

See, I was born a restless, wayward child
I could hear the whole world calling me outside
Of the masses I routinely sat behind
And Lord, I had to see with my own eyes

Take me home
I want to go
Down the road that will take me
To the living oak
And Lord, I know
That I'm a weathered stone
But I owe it to my brothers
To carry them home

Take me home
I want to go
Down the road that will take me
To the living oak
And Lord, I know
It's a heavy load
But we'll carry our brothers
Oh, we'll carry them home

And oh, there is no power on Earth or below
That could ever break our hearts or shake our souls
And when you lay me down, you'll only bury bones
'cause oh, my heart and soul are going home

Brother, forgive me
We both know I'm the one to blame
When I saw my demons
I knew them well and welcomed them

But I'll come around

Father, have mercy
I know that I have gone astray
When I saw my reflection
It was a stranger beneath my face

But I'll come around

When I touch the water
They tell me I could be set free

So I'll come around

Well, it's a long way out to reach the sea
But I'm sure I'll find you waiting there for me
And by the time I blink, I'll see your wild arms swinging
Just to meet me in the middle of the road
And you'll hold me like you'll never let me go
And beside the salty water, I could hold you close,
But you are far too beautiful to love me

It's a long climb up the dusty mountain
To build a turret tall enough to keep you out
But when you wage your wars against the one who adores you,
Then you'll never know the treasure that you're worth
But I've never been a wealthy one before
I've got holes in my pockets burned by liars' gold,
And I think I'm far too poor for you to want me

It's been a long road, losing all I've owned
And you don't know what you've got until you're gone
And it's a nasty habit, spending all you have, but
When you're doing all the leaving, then it's never your love lost
And if you leave before the start, then there was never love at all
And heaven knows I'm prone to leave the only God I should have loved,
And yet you're far too beautiful to leave me

I can't even wrap my mind around this. Oh my gosh oh my gosh it's so good

Was it you 'mid the fire and the ember?
Were you there to bedevil and beguile?
See, your face wasn't quite as I remember
But I know that wicked shape to your smile
Bury me as it pleases you, lover
At sea, or deep within the catacomb
But these bones never rested while living
So how can they stand to languish in repose?

He has thrown down the cavalry as gravel sinks
And as the stone founders underneath the sundered sea of red and reed
The shadow of Hades is fading
For he has cast down leviathan, the tyrant, and the horse and rider

Where is your rider?

He will hold with all of his might the armies of night,
Still as boulders laid to the side 'til we pass by
He has hoisted out of the mire every child
So lift your voice with timbrel and lyre
"We will abide, we will abide, we will abide"

Other songs you need to check out: Like the Dawn, Wishing Well, Bitter Water, [Soldier, Poet, King], Dear Wormwood...

What am I even saying guys. Just do yourself a favor and buy their albums. All of them. I have seriously waited half my life for this band to start existing.

Turn to the person next to you and give them a big hug.
-The Minstrel Boy

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