09 January 2017

Born Again

Lord, I am buried by the weight of my sin
It hurts to think or lift my pen
My heart outstretches for a distant shore when
We will be born again.

A misty place, where footsteps tread
Without bodies to fill their stead
A land of spirits, but still, not dead
We will be born again.

A dragon by the pond undressed
Where morning and the night coalesce
And no sorrow left unconfessed
We will be born again.

O night, that tears and gnaws at me
And gives no respite for the weak
Your cunning claws claim not their meat
We will be born again.

I walk the path to you-know-where
I drink the dusty moonlight there
I breathe the air that we both share
And  we'll be born again.

O sing! for night, a thousand steps
Bleak, remain the fiends unmet
Swallowed is my sounding, yet
We will be born again!

Desperate, desperate, deeper still
Seeking some forbidden thrill
That can't be killed nor be fulfilled
But shout: we will be born again!

The morning greets my slumber here
Still and silent, like a deer
And lights the cross that bears my every tear
We will be born again.

I hear a song that chills the blood
The theme is so familiar, but
The strings are strung by springs that said
"They will be born again."

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