16 July 2017


I hope you will indulge me in my amateur experiment in writing a rap. This song is based on a true story about a girl I knew in the 4th grade. She was always very kind and polite to me, and I was very mean in return, for whatever reason. It might sound melodramatic, or even laughable--I mean, I was ten years old. But sometimes little things like that eat at you, and I've always been a little haunted by it. It's hard to explain. Like I said, experiment.

Emily, Emily
I was your friend and you my enemy
Emily, Emily-y
Emily, Emily
Don’t know why I turned you away from me
Emily, Emily-y
Emily, Emily
I think I brushed away my destiny
Emily, Emily-y
You were three rows up, two columns to the right
Bent over your books, you know I hated the sight
When you glanced back at me at the place I would sit
You were a beautiful face that I would never admit
Smartest girl in the class, we all knew it was true
But I never told you so, cuz I meant to be rude
Every time our eyes met I’d trade a smile for a frown
Emily I’m sorry that I let you down
We would kick up the dirt, rub glory on our face
Unbutton our collars; yeah we ruled the damn place
Found your lipstick in the grass and we chucked in the thorns
So delicious and malicious, don’t know what we did it for
When I passed down the hall I would hear my name
But I never looked back, cuz I needed to remain
In my reign of disdain of your silent pain
Heavens knows why you never did the same
Thirteen years old, I take a trip to the gym
I thought I’d forgotten, but then I saw you again
You saw me like a lighthouse and I threw back a glare
But you turned away your face like there was nobody there
I felt the absence of love like a blow in the gut
And I took from that look that my time was up
Those blue eyes found a better soul to gaze on
The life was still there, but the favor was gone
Pretty boys tell you to never say never
But pretty girls know better than to love you forever
I hated and berated like blunted knife
A girl I could have loved for the rest of my life

-The Minstrel Boy

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  1. I like this a lot. You should do more rap.

    Glad to still see activity on this blog. :D