15 February 2018

Why Earthworms are Good and Slugs are Evil

I would really like to post something here other than incoherent and esoteric poetry.  I'm not sure whether any of these are good, I'm mostly just throwing things up against the wall to see what sticks. (That's how I cook food, too.) If there's still an audience reading this blog, I'd love it if you'd scroll down and look over the poems I've written over the last few months and let me know which of them resonated with you the most.  If there's a poem that doesn't resonate with you, let me know as well. This is a massive experiment and I'm really curious as to whether any of it is working.


Pop pop pop pop
It’s raining agin.
Pop pop pop pop
The earthworms know what’s up.
Dad says earthworms are good,
slugs are evil.
Like the bees and wasps, I suppose.
And he’s right,
earthworms are soft and slippery
they squiggle and squirm in your hand and
tickle your fingertips
You always put them down when your done withum
back in their home. It’s indoors for them
outdoors for me, Mom says.
Slugs are slimy and sticky, though
You don’t wanna pick em up, ory’hafta
wipe it all off on your shirt, and even then
your hands don’t feel right agin until
you’ve rubbed some dirt on em.

Topsy-turvy tumblings on the trampoline
Dad says you can break your neck if
you’re not careful
But we never break our neck
That only happens to bad kids
You hear stories about them
(one uvom even died!!!!)
I can’t do a flip, but Jim can.
Issokay, I can still fit in small spaces
that he can’t fit in.
We wrestled on the trampoline
in the dark. Jim won.

Topsy-turvy tumblings on the trampoline
it was the closest my face ever was to a girl
sitting there, light bouncing of her hair
almost touching, not even jumping.
I liked her better than jumping.

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